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McDonald's: Is China Lovin' it?

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Bruce Cheung

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of McDonald's: Is China Lovin' it?

McDonald's: Is China Lovin' it?
Bruce 42864293, Morgan 42062905, Janet 42052250

McDonald's is a world famous brand
McDonald's entered in China in 1990
Entry Mode: direct Investment
Fully control of the store operation
BUT high risk
2000+ stores in China in 2014
Only 5 stores are franchised in 2011
First Store in Guangzhou (Southern Part of China)
Fully owned business has a high risk of failure
Therefore, McDonald's chose a location that is very close to Hong Kong as a stepping stone to China
Hong Kong has a mature market since 1975
1993 - A store in China had the highest sales in one day comparing around the world in 1993
1994 - The first McDonald's dessert store
The dessert store only sells dessert to match the Chinese lifestyle
2005 - First drive through & 24 operation hours store in China
2008 - Reached 1000 store & started up 24 hours delivery services
2009 - McCafe entered China
2013 - Launched McCafe in majority of McDonald's restaurants in China
2013 - Launched McRice dishes in China
2014 April - Reached 2000+ store in China
McDonald's Menu in China
Crispy Fritters – Very traditional Chinese breakfast
Soya Bean milk
Rice dishes (Beef & Chicken)
Egg & Mushroom Soup
Tara Pie

SWOT Analysis
World famous brand (essential in China)
Experienced operating practices
Fully owned - ensuring brand quality and control of management
Using local ingredients - building relationship with local suppliers (essential in China)
Second market entry - KFC had the first entry advantage
Small number of franchising
High price compared with local fast-food stores (Big Mac Index)
Cultural taste preference differences - e.g. tea vs. coffee
Raising average income in China
Changing consumer trends:
Raising number of eating breakfast away from home
Growing youth market
The symbol of globalisation
Booming local fast-food chain
Mixed style fast-food chain - HK's Cafe De Coral
New Western entry
Presentation Outline
Background & History of McDonald's in China
Big Max Index
SWOT Analysis
Transferable Practice
Three Major Issues
1. McDonald's strategies,
2. controversial/ethical issues,
3. coping with future issues
Current McDonald's Situation in China
Transferable Practice
McDonalds uses Transnational Strategy
McDonalds Charges Higher than normal prices in China
Chinese associate McDonalds with a “Modern leisure culture”
Localisational Strategy
Three Major Issues
1. McDonald's Business Strategy

2. Controversial/Ethical Issues

3. Coping with Future Issues

McDonald's Business Strategy
1. High Price (Big Mac)
Danger in higher prices
Consumers may feel “ripped off” when they learn of higher overseas pricing
2. Franchising - only 6 stores in 2011
3. The slogan with "I'm lovin' it when China wins"
Monitoring consumer perceived value
Adjust the price accordingly
Consider the benefit of franchising
Be aware of future promotion campaign
Controversial /
Ethical Issues
Underpay workers in 2007
Lack of health choice & health crisis
In 2007, McDonald’s had underpaid their part-time employees.
Until the ACFTU called on McDonald’s to adjust the pay.
It means that McDonald’s may have operated as a sweatshop in China before the media found out.
Most of the MNEs have this issue.
Lack of Healthy Food Choices
China's Emerging Health Crisis
Rise in fast food outlet
Dramatic increase in chronic diseases
Coping Future Trends?
1. Difficulty of managing Chinese consumer preferences

2. Dealing with competitiors
Consumer Preferences
Changing consumption behaviour:
American diet & lifestyle
Healthy menu alternative
Localise to existing culture

Challenge: meeting consumer preferences while preserving brand identity

Biggest Chinese competitor
First mover advantage
Local knowledge
Chicken vs. beef
“McDonald’s haven’t got the local tastes right. KFC has done it right”,
McDonald’s Chinese advertising executive (Normandy 2005)

Threat of New Entrants
New Western entry
Due to:
Rapid & sustained period of economic growth
Business and consumer taste aligning
Decrease in government restrictions
Local Competitors
Aim: serve traditional menu in an untraditional settings
Copying McDonald's management & operations practices
Ongoing consumer research
Anticipate how consumption behaviours may change and update current practices
Must be innovative, flexible & easily adaptable
Utilise local knowledge
Identify opportunities for expansion
Current McDonald's in China 2014
McDonald’s successfully expanded 1000 stores after 2008
BUT still very low number of franchising
Employees relation seems it is solved since McDonald’s got an award, ‘China’s Top Employer’ from Employer Institute, the 4th times.
Receiving different ‘top’ employer award from 2011-2014
Using Local Suppliers?
Food & Drink safety issues in China
Cardboard bun shop in 2007
The baby formula incident in 2008
The risk of using local suppliers in China?
How should McDonald's avoid the problem happened again?
Affecting McDonald's products in China, Japan and other nearby countries
McDonald's has to stop selling some products
Quickly Switching suppliers from US & Thailand
Estimated sales dropped 10% in 2014 in Asia Pacific
More importantly, It damanges the brand name of McDonald's
Recent Crisis
In July 2014, one of the McDonald's suppliers, Shunghai Husi, were using expiration date meat and the Chinese Government has to stop the manufacture.
McDonald's has been expanding from 1 store in 1990 to 2000+ stores in 2014
Three Major Issues: 1. Business Strategy, 2. Controversial/Ethical Issues 3. Coping with future issues
Overall recommendation: monitor business environment
Recent crisis shows that McDonald's has some quality control problems with their suppliers
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Thank You!! Are you lovin' it?
“China now has the largest population of diabetic in the world”, (Brukitt 2012)

Response to health crisis from McDonald's
In other countries, healthier menu options are offered
For example, Australia offer 13 healthier options
China is providing very minimal improvements according to their website
Why McDonald's choose China?
Market Attractiveness:
High Population 1,357,380,000 people (2013)
GDP of $9,240,270 million USD (2013)
Second GDP highest after US
Fast Growing Economy

How McDonalds Localises for China?
Chicken Products
Decorations and Festivals
New Product trials based on local tastes
Re-Americanising through reintroduction of beef products
Use of Local Producer (Building relationships)

“More than 80% of our restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by our Franchisees.” McDonald’s Home Page
Increase investment cost
Increase growth risk
Very few restaurants are franchised in China because of two reasons:
China franchising Laws
Desire for Product Control
Success using Joint-Venture/Wholly Owned method in China
Could be benefits to Franchising


Keep tracking the wages with inflation
McDonald's fixed it by increasing the wages
Recommendation for Underpayment Issues
Ensure nutritional quality of ingredients
Invest in research and marketing
Add in local health food options
Recommendation for Health Issues

oh yes we learned everything from McDonald’s. The design, the hygiene, the service, everything!”
Noodle King kitchen manager (Zha 2002)

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