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Past Current Future Technology

No description

Samra Suljovic

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Past Current Future Technology


Past Technology
Past technology has helped us all with the technology we have today. Like a computer which is programmed to do many different things.

The First Typewriter
In 1866 Christopher Sholes invented the first practical modern typewriter. This typewriter also known as the Sholes typewriter has a type-bar system so anything you type the bar will place the letter one by one with ink on the paper but it did jam easily if you typed fast.
Present Technology
Technology today was influenced a lot by the past technology. As the years pass the technology get smaller, thinner and expensive. The technology we use today is mostly things like laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, iPods and desktops. The devices that are trending in 2013 are mostly the apple products. This is because those products have applications on them which allows everyone to play games, socialise, do work online and even to use the internet.
Future Technology
Future technology generations grow in knowledge as every year passes. Future technology is going to be very upgraded compared to the past and present technology.

There are going to be things like fold away phones, robots for school, home and even at the shops. There will also be lots of solar powered devices.

What Is Technology?
Technology is the use of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems in order to achieve a goal and handle/perform a specific function.
As we all have learnt today there is a big difference between the past, present and future technology but the ideas for the future technology is led on by the past and current technology. We should all just wait and see what happens in a few years time.
Examples Of Future Technology
Fold Away Electronic Books

I thought of fold away electronic books that need to be charged but can last for at least 4 days without charging. They can fit in small pockets and are very portable devices. It might sound silly and useless but some children and teenagers can't have iPods and smartphones because they don't need it but if they told their parents about a fold away portable book which number one isn't hard to carry number two good for reading any book you want and lastly number three easy to use. You can take it anywhere and use it for your homework and reading normal novels. This is a product for anyone aged 8+.
The IT textbook
The Book Of Inventions And
History's Great Inventors
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