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Lord of the Flies - Chapter 7

No description

Swati Govindarajan

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies - Chapter 7

Quotation Analysis
He discovered with a little fall of the heart that these were the conditions he took as normal now and that he did not mind. Narration page 120

"I hit him alright. The spear stuck in. I wounded him!" said by Ralph page 124

"Ow! Stop it! Your hurting!" said by Robert page 125

"Scared?" said by Jack page 135

Ralph's appearance
Other side of the Island
Ralph's Flashback
Ralph's Strike on the Boar
Ralph's Diction
Piggy's voice inside Ralph's head
Piggy's segregation (Civilization vs. Savagery)
Piggy's Name

Ralph is losing his civilization, realizing that he is no longer home.
Boys set out to find "The Beast."
Ralph gets to experience hunting for himself.
Ralph, Jack, Roger head towards the moutains.
Ralph catches a glimpse of "The Beast."

By: My, Swati, Kevin, Emily
Character Development
Ralph reflects on himself + other boys
Become less civilized
Ralph begins to descend into savagery for some time
Feels joy and excitement after hitting boar
" 'Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!' Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of the brown, vulnerable flesh." (Golding 125)
Shows that Ralph becomes more savage
However, after the "game", Ralph reverts back to his original, civilized self
It is now clear that Jack becomes aggressive when he is not in charge
Feels like he doesn't need to listen to Ralph even though he is chief
He becomes more and more savage and aggressive when he is with the other boys
Has been quiet, mysterious throughout the book
Silently volunteers to go up the mountain with Ralph and Jack
Strong supporter of Jack, wants to follow in his path
"When faced with fear, even the most civilized people can sometimes stray into savagery"
Conflict Development
Person vs. Self
Ralph feels inner conflict between civilization and savagery
At the beginning, Ralph reflects on the situation
Later, he hits the boar and feels joy and excitement
Ralph goes back to his civilized self after they played the "game"

Person vs. Person
We see more conflict between Ralph and Jack
Jack challenges Ralph's authority
Tries to put him on the spot, make him seem like an uncertain leader
Says things that force Ralph to go up the mountain to keep respect of his "chief" title
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