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Religion task for school

zechary ng

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Confucianism

Where are confuciuns mostly found How many people follow this religon
Confucius taught people five basic ideas about behavior:

Always be considerate to others.
Respect your ancestors.
Try for harmony and balance in all things.
Avoid extremes in behavior and emotion.
If you live in peace and harmony, then you will be in contact with the spiritual forces of the universe, including nature.
Confucius taught five basic virtues:

1) kindness
2) righteousness
3) sobriety
4) wisdom
5) trustworthiness

Confucius also taught that your well-being depends directly on the well-being of others. This principle is called Jen. Jen states the importance of showing courtesy and loyalty to other people. In some other religons, they would call Jen Karma. What did Confucius teach Confucianism is an Eastern religion/philosophy. Although it is commonly referred as a philosophy, books on world religions usually include it with other religions from Buddhism to Zoroastrianism.
It originated in China but spread to Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Most people who follow the teachings of Confucius follow Chinese traditional religions, which are a blend of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and traditional chinese practices and beliefs. Seventy two is the lucky number because that was the age of Confucius when he died. About Confucianism About the founder How did Confucianism begin? All about it!!!! Confucianism Confuciuns are mainly found in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
A Chinese philosopher named Kong ze or Confucius, the English translated version, believed that a society could become perfect if the people who lived in it behaved in a good way.confucius was born in 551 B.C.E. He had a government job so he taught people how to behave and live. Today people, mostly in China,Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam practice Confucianism. The founder, Confucius was born in 551 BCE and died at 479 BCE so when he died, he was 72. Kong ze (pronounced Confucius when translated to English) was a chinese leader,editor, politician and philosopher.Confucius was a professor in literacy and since he had a government job, he taught others about how to behave and live. Where do Confucians worship? This is is the Confucianism symbol. This is the Confucianism symbol This is the Confucianism symbol Beliefs Confucianism is more a belief system about social behaviour than it is about a God so there is no religousnous towards a God. And so because of that, they do not pray to anyone. But Confucianism does not say one cannot be accepting a God in addition to following Confucianism.

Some other things they believe in is:
Humans are naturally good.
Education is very important
You should respect and follow your elders so your ancestors should be worshiped. They will provide you with guidance and good luck.
Be polite to others
Smile and be kind
If you have a bad thought get rid of it

Like Taoism they believe in Yin and yang. Ying and yang represent the forces of male and female that create balance and harmony in nature. Confucians don't worship anything as it is more of a description of how you should live. They also don't worship because they don't believe in a god though confucians are still allowed to believe in a God from another religon whilst still following the ways of confuciuism. And so they don't have a holy text. Aproximately 6.3 Million people follow the ways of confucianism Some Pictures This is a statue of confucius Since Confucius was a writer, he would of used a Mao Bi Book of odes Confucius rewrote and edited this book Since Confucius was a writer, he would of used a mao bi, a kind of brush.
Where in the world are their most Confuciuans? What did confucious mainly teach? What is their holy text called? How many people beleve in this religon today? China,Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. He mainly taught how to live and behave Aproximately 6.3 Million people follow the way of confucianism Thier is no one holy text, but one of the books is called Books of Odes.
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