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The Chieftains

No description

Conor Power

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Chieftains

Chieftains Sean Ó Ríada Collaborations ...was a composer who arranged music for traditional instruments giving solo, duo or trio parts to different combinations of instruments and building up the sound with staggered entries of instruments. He formed the group Ceoltoirí Cualann who played the music he arranged. The Chieftains Paddy Moloney (leader) - Uileann Pipes & Whistle The original members were: The members of The Chieftains has changed over the years... Over their 50+ years The Chieftains have collaborated with many other artists and genres. In 1962 some members of Ceoltoirí Cualann formed Martin Fay - Fiddle Micheal Tubridy - Flute Sean Potts - Whistle Davey Fallon - Bodhran The use of the Bodhran as a percussive element was one of Sean ó Ríada's ideas The Chieftains have a Distinctive Sound The current line-up is:
Paddy Moloney (Uilleann Pipes & Whistle)
Matt Molloy (flute)
Sean Keane (Fiddle)
Kevin Konneff (Bodhran & Vocals) Junior Cert Q3 (D) can often ask about an Irish Traditional Music Group We will be studying...
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