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Montfort PRIME

To explain why we need it

Andrew Tan

on 27 March 2010

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Transcript of Montfort PRIME

Reasons why we need to
re-build Montfort Secondary More space
needed for Quality Learning other schools Montfort Sec this includes Classrooms, Canteen,
Multi-purpose Hall and Quadrangle 1 This is because MOE has hired more teachers and additional support staff for all schools to boost the teaching force Can you imagine.... Trying to do group work in this classroom?? Having students sit a different arrangements for discussion other than straight rows? Having space for teacher demonstration, classroom skits or doing anything other than sitting down in straights rows This is the space for one teacher!! Look at the 'walking space' between two teachers desk! 3 We put three students into spaces where other schools put two Our Staff Room
Is HALF the size 2 Our existing
building is almost
20 years old! Levelled Up Facilities! Boys to Men need
More SPACE! 8 Bring the two
schools closer together It is more than
just the bricks and mortar Keeping the Good Stuff New Library Outdoor Theatre Synthetic Field New D&T Room Observation Room The standard timeframe for PRIME is TEN years. We have delayed for almost TEN years. It's high time we went on PRIME. Some of our basic infrastructure in ICT is not up to the basics and we are not yet barrier free access We have no library at the moment.
The old library was closed to make way for our Heritage Gallery. We had a makeshift outdoor theatre called 'Globe Theatre'. We will now have a permanent one. This will be an all-weather field and is shared by both schools.
Construction is planned to minimise disruption of use by MJS. Design Thinking is one of the key 21st Century Skills.
The new D&T lab takes into account the creative process. This observation room allows teachers to observe a lesson in progress without disrupting the lesson. It will enhance our professional development capacity for our teachers. When MJS students come to secondary school They grow BIGGER Their desks and chairs get BIGGER But their classrooms shrink! We are creating a "One Montfort Wing" That will house our heritage gallery... And have a proper alumni room... Because of PRIME we have had to move to our holding site and then we will move back by 2012 Each move allows us to 'start a fresh', to reflect and reconsider how we want to be a better school We will return to Hougang a much better school from the one that left! We have also taken care to make sure that there is familiarity between the old and new building. Some parts will be part of our heritage gallery and we will still have the statue of St Louis, the grotto and a beautiful garden... Quick Facts
The project costs about S$26 mil
We need to raise roughly $2.3 mil - $1.5 mil for standard items (the 5%) and about $800K for non-standard
Non-standard items include the Grotto, refurbishment of our LT and Multipurpose Hall Air-Conditioning
The Construction Period is from Mar 10 to Oct 11
Our built up area would have increased from 19000sqft to 24000sqft (to be confirmed)

and raise $2.3 million thank you for your kind attention
andrew tan, Mar 2010 4 5 6 7 8 Age Quod Agis
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