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Active Beginnings

No description

Courtney Seltzer

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Active Beginnings

Start your story with someone speaking.
Start with your character doing something
Start by describing what's happening around you at the start of the story.
No one can tell your story so tell it yourself. No one can write your story so write it yourself.
Dialogue "Talking" Leads

Descriptive Leads
Action Lead
The mouse's name was Tucker, and he was sitting in the opening of an abandoned drain pipe in the subway at Times Square. The drain pipe was his home. Back a few feet in the wall, it opened out into a pocket that Tucker filled with bits of paper and shreds of cloth he collected.

-The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden
There were people sprawled out along the entire length
of the beach. Beach balls and volley ball nets were
being setup, and my baby brother was running around
with a crab attached to the back of his Huggies diaper.
I was at the top of the Texas Screamer. The rails were a black mass of tangled metal, and I was headed straight down a 60 ft drop.
I splashed across the parking lot, yanked open the tall glass door, and dripping wet, I stepped inside the cold building.
I ran down to our dock as fast as my legs could carry me, my feet pounding away on the old wood, hurrying me toward the sound of my dad’s panicked voice. “Scott!” he hollered again.
“Coming, dad!” I gasped, as I picked up my speed.

September 2017
Vol I, No. 7
Jump into the middle of your story and leave your reader wanting more!
Big Potato Leads
Create a level of suspense that intrigues your reader and leaves them wondering and maybe a little scared of what's to come.
Suspenseful Leads

And suddenly everything stops.
- Runa by Allison James

Before I knew it, my corn dog was moving from my stomach to my mouth!

I knew I was in over my head as soon as I stepped on board.
-English class by Mrs. Lee

Sam ran full force towards the mass of blue water in front of her and cannon balled right on top of my dad's head.
Every night, around nine o'clock
in Cold Shoulder Road, the
screaming began. It came
from the end house in the row.
Night after night she clenched
her hands and stood trembling
by the window.

Cold Shoulder Road by Joan Aiken
Active Beginnings
"Where's Papa going with that ax?" said Fern to her mother as they were setting the table for breakfast. - Charlotte's Web (E.B White)
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