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Interactive Research Lesson - Plants

This is a presentation of a lesson created for first graders. They will learn to research using Super 3 skills and create a presentation to share their information using Blabberize.com.

Meghan Smith

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Interactive Research Lesson - Plants

Interactive Internet Research:
1st Graders Learn about Plants Lesson Created by:
Meghan Smith The Goals: conduct research Learn Super 3 skills Use Web 2.0 tools incorporate information
literacy skills Share information The Lesson Plan Introduction begins in the classroom
with background information on plants
and knowledge building lessons A goal is set with students and
the project is explained in the library Review the
Super 3 steps plan, do, review Check out this site that
helps students understnad
the steps. http://academic.wsc.edu/redl/classes/Tami/3.html THe Plan ... Create a list of known facts about plants
Come up with questions about plants
Choose a class question to research
Decide what tools will answer the question
Show how students will present learned information
Librarian Helps the class ... Why do Plants
have flowers? Let's use books websites databeses to answer our question We'll show what
we learned with
Blabberize.com The Do ... THe Librarian & Teacher will help students search for information as a class
read books
interact with websites
compile and review learned information
write scripts for thier presentation that answer the research question
create a Blabberize to share with others
Websites to use http://www.naturegrid.org.uk/plant/index.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/science/living_things/help_plants_grow/play.shtml http://plantsinmotion.bio.indiana.edu/plantmotion/flowers/flower.html Next Show your students this YouTube tutorial
on how to make a Blabber http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/plants/glossary/index.shtml Don't forget to find library books using your catalog and use your databases! Use a tool like creately.com
mywebspiration.com to make an organizer for your information. Then display your organizer while students
write scripts for thier Blabbers Students create thier Blabbers The teacher and librarian will need to be avalible to help students record and save
Make sure students have permission to use Web 2.0 tools like Blabberize.com
Have students take flower pictures to use or find pictures of flowers that are okay for educational use
Make sure the pictures are easy for students to access and choose from Post student Blabbers to a class website.
Facilitate student presentations and discussion on sucess of the project The Review ... The librarian and teacher will ... Students will LOVE sharing their blabbers with one another! Happy searching and creating!
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