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Priscila Boni

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of CNA TRAINING

CNA Vila Jacuí

Once upon a time...

Material and Methodology
Luiz Nogueira da Gama Neto/
Décio Pecin
...when and where it all began...
An important part of CNA's success, the methodology, was brought by
Ana Maria Cristina Cuder
in 1981, based on the Communicative Approach.
English course Levels
From the early age of 3 years old, kids can start studying English, following our own material developed by CNA headquarters' team in São Paulo.

It goes as it follows:

Kids & Teens
Little Kids
- 3 to 4 years old
Pre School
- 5 to 6 years old
Young Learners
- 7-8 years old
Kids 1 to Kids 4
- 9 to 10 years old
Teens 1 to Teens 4
- 11 to 12 years old
Regular Courses
Basic 1
- from 13 years old on
Basic 2
Inter -1 Inter 2
Pre Advanced 1 - Pre Advanced 2
Advanced 1 - Advanced 2
Master 1 - Master 2
Fast Series - 15 months
Fast 1 - Fast 2 - Fast 3
Our branches
The owner of the franchising is Edison Tati, who acquired it, in the middle 90's and invited Isabel França as Supervisor and partner in the business. The first branch was CNA Ermelino Matarazzo, which became CNA Ponte Rasa. The second one was CNA São Miguel and now our brand new branch CNA Vila Jacuí.
CNA's Methodology
Based on the communicative approach, we focus on the
speaking ability
in the classroom, but also work on the other abilities as well, such as
listening, writing, reading.
Classes at CNA
Communicative goals
: define the objectives of your class, e.g. "Talk about past actions"
Enabling goals
: provide you with the tools to achieve your goals in class, e.g "verbs in the past: aff. ; neg. ; int. sentences.
Class Steps
: Get the students on the mood for the practice of English, not necessarily related to the class' topics, but always relevant to the English level of the groups.

: Lead the students to the topic that will be taught during the class.

: Phase in which the students will be taught the new content, they will try the new content, but in a controlled practice.

: Phase in which students will practice freely the new content acquired. Can be controlled in some aspects as well.
1973 in Porto Alegre - RS
Communicative Approach
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