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Sky Does Minecraft

No description

Cry Lockheart

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Sky Does Minecraft

Sky Does Minecraft :D So this is Sky. He is my favorite YouTuber. This is his friend Deadlox. Okay here we have the... Oh god NO! Here we have... the squids! He is So AMAZING He rides space pigs named Jeffery :3 I love him soooo much <3 [Sky! Why You so cute T.T] He's epic too!
[Not as epic as Sky though!] They are Sky's worst nightmare. And I just HATE them. I mean any Sky Army member [like myself] would! BUTTER FOR THE WIN!!! Hey.. Hey Cry! I'm going to ignore you... CRY! CRY! HEY CRY! GUESS WHAT! Still ignoring you.... CRY!!!!!! HEEEEEY! If you keep ignoring us...
We'll tell your secret to anyone who sees this Prezi! You're kidding... Right? No... No we're serious. You wouldn't... We would... You keep telling yourself that squids... Hey, hey everyone! Cry is in love with Sky! Yep! She is! Oh hush your faces <.< Now we're gonna tell Sky! What? o.o Hey Sky! Sky! SKKKYYYY!!!!! S-shut your faces squids! What do you want Squids? Guess whaaaaaaaaat! What ._. No don't do it squids! Don't do what? ._. Oh we're gonna do it >:D Nuuuuu! Dun do it squidy! DON'T DO WHAT!? D:< Sky, Cry has a crush on you! Aww is this true? Yes! yeah yup uh-huh! Hush your faces, I want Cry to tell me! D:< Fine fine, hate us like that... Yeah... It's true... Aww cute, we should go out some time. O-okay! ^///^ [End :3] ...........................................................
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