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Copy of Teacher's Back to School Night Template

No description

Wendy Gassaway

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Teacher's Back to School Night Template

Homework Expectations
Resources for Students:
My TeacherGoals:

Mrs. Gassaway: Reading Courses 2017-18
7th and 8th grade Reading Workshop
In Reading classes, students develop their ability to
read for literal understanding and deeper meaning
learn and apply reading skills
develop "fix-it" strategies for when meaning breaks down
identify books that appeal to each reader individually, allowing them to grow through

improve phonics and decoding skills as needed.
Class Materials:
reading book
charged iPad
pencil and notebook
sense of humor, curiosity, and kindness.
Proficiency Grading
Proficiency grades in this class (70% of the overall grade) will be divided between making progress towards individual reading goals and participating in the community of readers.
These will include an extended personal response to one completed book and a critical analysis of another.
Students will set and work towards personal page goals.
Additional assignments will fall in the 30% "CCR" grades.
About me
Technology Used:
Schoology and Google Drive for assigning and collecting work.
Notability for taking notes and writing responses.
Goodreads for tracking books read and to read.
BOOKS! Including ebooks.
Contact Info
Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 2:40-4:00
Email address: wgassaway@fgsd.k12.or.us
Phone number: 503 359 2465 ext. 5136
Reader: 45 years
Writer/blogger: 3 years
Teacher: 23 years
Wife: 15 years
Mom: 5 years (but my kids are 11 & 13)
Information about assignments will be posted on Schoology.
Remember that Synergy will have more accurate grades.
Who needs their Schoology access code?
Students are expected to read 1-2 hours per week outside of school.
Encourage your child to read at home, in the car, while waiting at appointments, etc.
Audiobooks, e-books, reading aloud to younger siblings, ALL COUNT.
This year I'm looking forward to supporting students through individual reading conversations, and building a community of readers.
Independent, Free Choice Reading
Research proves MORE READING is the single best way to improve at reading, which in turn leads to improved school and career success.
Students read at their own level and self-select books.
I prioritize time at school to find and read books.
I encourage students to try a variety of genres.
The expectation is an honest and focused attempt to increase the amount of reading done.
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