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Nonfiction Text Features

No description

Ashli Kravarik

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Nonfiction Text Features

Nonfiction Text Features
Bold Words

Text features

are the parts of a nonfiction text that help you find information easily or tell you more about the topic.

the name of the book
Tell the reader the topic of the text.

Focus the reader on a topic so they can make connections between what they already know and the text.

Show the reader the parts of something to help them better understand what is in the text.

Headings tell the main idea of each section of text.

Subheadings chunk text into smaller pieces under a heading.

Headings and subheadings help the reader to locate information in the text by telling them where to look.


Explains what is shown in a photograph or illustration.

Helps the reader understand information that may or may not be in the text.

Table of Contents:

Gives the heading and beginning page number for each section of the book.

Shows how the book is organized so you can find information more easily.

Bold words

Bold words
tell the reader to pay attention –
these words are important!
can be used for titles, headings, and key words like important vocabulary words.

Sometimes the important words will be a different
or in


An index is a way to quickly find information that is in the text.

It is listed in alphabetical order and found at or near the end of a text.

The index gives the page number where you can find the information.


A glossary is like a small dictionary of words found at the end of the book.

The words in the glossary are in alphabetical order.


Why are text features important?
They help the reader to quickly find important information.

They teach the reader about the topic.

They can help the reader to answer questions about a topic and the text they are reading.
Nonfiction Rap
Helps the reader understand a lot of information or data related to the text.
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