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OpenDNS Umbrella

No description

Joel Goins

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of OpenDNS Umbrella

OpenDNS Umbrella Insights
Umbrella Insights
Agent Deployment
Small agent is installed on the local computer
Can be downloaded directly from OpenDNS Management Site
Can be deployed using Group Policy
Can be deployed using Kaseya
Windows and Mac Compatible
Web Filtering
Defualt Options - High, Moderate, and Low
59 Block Categories
Custom domain block/allow lists
Custom Block Page or URL redirect
Lantium Cost - $17.50 per license
Client Cost - $35 per license
We will prorate clients who have recently purchased OpenDNS Enterprise at $3o per license
Setup costs will be additional and will vary based on individual networks
Cloud delivered and DNS-based real time malware protection
Application, Protocol, and Port agnostic
Network-wide Protection
Manage Seats on-demand
Current OpenDNS Clients
17 Seats
Expires 9/14/13
17 Seats
Expires 10/3/13
West Chester GI
62 Seats
Expires 2/1/14
26 Seats (plus 46 additional)
Expires 2/8/14
34 Seats
Expires 6/21/14
Klein Hersh
32 Seats
Expires 7/3/14
Just Kids
24 Seats
Not installed yet
Burns Mechanical
45 Seats
Not installed yet
Malware - Prevent Infection
Botnet - Contain Infection
Phishing - Block Fraudulent Websites
Customer specific login access
On-demand reporting
Top domains
Top identities
Top malware blocks
Many filtering catagories
Selling Points
Traditional Signature Based Tools (Antivirus, Firewalls, IPS) are only effective against 30-50% of current security threats
36% of targeted attacks are directed at small businesses
Protection for "off-network" users and mobile users
Content Filtering Included
Reporting Included
Less downtime due to infected computers
Less money spent on removal of infections
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