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Copy of Chapter 23: Last Trip Abroad (1896)

Report in Rizal

Ericson Adams

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chapter 23: Last Trip Abroad (1896)

Chapter 23: Last Trip Abroad (1896) By:
BSFT IV-A From Dapitan to Manila. Leaving Dapitan at midnight, July 31,1896, the España, with Rizal and party on board sailed northward.
At dawn the next day (Saturday, August 1) it anchored at Dumaguete Capital of Negros Occidental. Rizal stopovers from Dapitan to Manila: Dumaguete
Romblon Dumaguete Rizal visited a friend and former classmate, Herrero Regidor, who was the judge of the province.
He also visited other friends, including the Periquet and Rufina families. Cebu The España left Dumaguete about 1:00pm and reached Cebu the following morning.
Rizal was fascinated by the entrance to Cebu which he considered "beautiful".
He met an old couple whom he had known in Madrid. Iloilo Monday, August 3, Rizal left Cebu going to Iloilo.
Arrived at Iloilo he went shopping in the city, and visited 'Molo'.
Molo was a church, he commented: The church is pretty painted by a lad. The Paintings are mostly copies of biblical scenes by Gustave Dore.
From Iloilo ship sailed to Capiz. After a brief stopover it proceeded toward Manila. August 6, 1896 August 30, 1896 September 2, 1896 Isla de Luzon Steamer Rizal misses ship going to Spain. The España arrived at the Manila bay early morning. Unfortunately Rizal was not able to catch the mail ship Isla de luzon because it had departed the previous day 5:00pm "Unfortunately I didn't catch the mail ship for Spain and fearing that my stay for a month in Manila would bring me troubled i made known to Governor General, while remaining on board the ship (España) of my wish to be isolated from everybody, except my family."
- Jose Rizal to Blumentritt He wrote a letter to.. Rizal was transferred to a spanish cruiser Castilla by order of Governor General Ramos Blanco. He stayed there for about a month from
pending the availability of a Spain bound steamer. The state of war was proclaimed in the eight provinces:
Nueva Ecija
Tarlac He received two letters of introduction for the minister of war and the minister of colonies, with covering letter that absolved him from all blame for raging revolutions. "As promised I am addressing you a few lines before leaving, to let you know about the condition of my health.
I am well thank God, I am only concerned as so what will happen or shall have happened to you in these days of upheaval and disorder. God will that my old father may not have any indisposition.
I shall write to you from places where the boat stops. I expect to be in Madrid or Barcelona at the end of the month."
With nothing more my very dear mother. I kiss your hand and that of my father with all love and affection, give me your blessings of which I am much needed." He transferred to Isla de Panay which was sailing for Barcelona, Spain. Rizal in Singapore The following morning Rizal and the other passengers went ashore for sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs.
In his travel diary he wrote that he had observed there are more chinese merchants and less indian. Singapore has changed since he first saw it in 1882. Rizal was urged by his fellow passengers to stay in Singapore to save his life.
But he ignored their appeal because he had given a word of honor to Governor General Blanco and did not like to break it. Don Pedro a fellow passenger with his son, disembarked at Singapore. Advised Rizal to stay behind too to take advantage of the protection of the British law. The steamer Isla de Panay arrived at Singapore in the evening of Sept. 7, 1896. Rizal arrested before reaching Barcelona His Mistake.. Rizal noted. "There are people on board who do nothing but slander me and invent fanciful stories about me. I'm going to become a legendary personage."
Sept. 30, the steamer anchored at Malta. He was officially notified by the captain Alemany that he should stay in his cabin for further orders from Manila. Sept. 28, a passenger told Rizal that he would be arrested by order of Governor General Blanco and would be sent to prison in Ceuta (Spanish Morocco).
Shocked by alarming news, Rizal belatedly realized that he was duped by the unscrupulous Spanish officials, particularly the sly Blanco. With an agonizing heart he immediately.. Sept. 25, he saw the steamer Isla de Luzon, leaving the Suez Canal, crammed with Spanish troops.
Two days later he heard from the passengers that a telegram arrived from Manila reporting the execution of Francisco Roxas, Genato and Osorio. The truth of the matter was Blanco and the Minister of War and Colonies were exchanging coded telegrams and confidential messages for his arrest upon reaching Barcelona and that he was a deportee and was kept under surveillance. Unaware of the Spanish duplicity, particularly of Governor General Blanco's infernal deceit, he happily continued his voyage towards Barcelona. He sealed his own doom.
By Refusing to break his word of honor in Singapore..
He thought General Blanco was a man of honor because he let him to go as a free man to Spain to become a physician-surgeon of the Spanish army in Cuba, and gave him two letters of introduction addressed to the Spanish minister of war and colonies Victim of Duplicity To his Best Friend Blumentritt... "A passenger on board just told me a news that I can hardly believe and should it be true, would bring to an end the prestige of Philippine Authorities. I cannot believe for it would be the greatest injustice and the most abominable infamy, unworthy not of a military official but of the last bandit..
..... I cannot believe it! This is infamous, but if it turns out to be true as everybody assures me, I am communicating to you these news so that you may appraise my situation. Yours,
Jose Rizal October 3, 1896.
Isla de Panay arrived in Barcelona
His jailor was not the ship captain but the military Commander who happened to be General Eulogio Despujol, the one who ordered his banishment in Dapitan. October 6, Rizal was escorted to the grim and infamous prison-fortress named Monjuich where he spent the whole morning. Afternoon at 2, he was brought to the headquarters of General Despujol. In the interview told Rizal he would be shipped back to manila on board the transport ship colon which was leaving evening. After the interview, Rizal was taken aboard the colon which was "full of soldiers" At 8:00p.m. the ship left Barcelona with Rizal on board. Last Trip Abroad.. Thank You for Watching by: BSFT IV A GROUP 2 Bicol University Tabaco Campus To Blumentritt... To his Mother... ERICSON B. BERAQUIT JOHN MICHAEL B. YULA ERWIN B. BERTILLO MARY MONALISA B. BOCATO GRACE U. DEOCAREZA JAN MICHAEL CANARIA
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