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Big Bang

How it started

Daniel Hernandez

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Big Bang

The Big Bang
Nebular Hypothesis Stars form in dense and massive clouds and the formation is really complex.. They are gravitationally unstable. A sun like star takes about 100 million years to form. A difference between the Big Bang theory and the Nebular hypothesis is that the big bang theory explains the creation of the universe,while the Nebular hypothesis explains how the solar system was formed A protoplanetary disk is a circumstellar of dense gas surrounding a newborn star. Protoplanetary Disks the making of big planets is a very complicated process the embryos mainly made it occur beyond the so called snow line the mass several times bigger than the inner part of the protoplanetary disk what follows after embryo formation is not completely clear the embryos continue to grow. Protostar A protostar is a basically a new born star.
Think of it as an immature star and it is the bright
ball of light in the middle of a protoplanatery disk.
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