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AP Euro Review 1500s


Howard Sherman

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of AP Euro Review 1500s

1500 1510 1520 1530 1540 1550 1560 1570 1580 1590 1600 Exploration throughout the late 1400s was dominated by Spain and Portugal. With Portugal focusing on India and Asia and Spain on the Americas. Slowly, Britain and France became more active in trade with India, Asia, and then conquest in the Americas. Sp: Governed by Charles V(1516-1556) Sp: Governed by Ferdinand(1474-1516) and Isabella(1474-1504) Sp: Governed by Philip II(Son of Charles V) (1556-1598): He wants to spread Catholicism to all of Europe. Spain takes control of Italy during this until 1713. Netherlands: Revolted against Spain in 1566, they were becoming more protestant and less willing to submit to Philip's rule 1609: Uneasy end to the revolt in the Netherlands, Spain recognized the independence of the northern provinces(Dutch Republic) and southern provinces remained a Spanish possession Italy: Throughout the 1500s Italy was a battleground for foreign powers. Habsburg-Valois War is fought for control of Italy 1517: Sale of indulgences by Pope Leo X & Johann Tetzel, Martin Luther's 95 Theses 1521: Diet of Worms, condemned Martin Luther to death 1529: Diet of Speyer: refused to reconize right of German princes to determine religion of their subjects, League of Schmalkalden formed to defend Protestantism 1534: Act of Supremacy: Henry VIII becomes the head of the Anglican Church 1536: Calvinism formed 1540: Loyola established the Jesuits to suppress Protestantism Council of Trent(1545-1563): Addresses problems within the Catholic Church, but does not reconcile with Protestants HRE: Peace of Augsburg(1555): Princes can decided whether their people will be Catholic or Lutheran HRE: Charles V abdicates in 1556 and replaced by his brother, after many rulers, Ferdinand II(1618) wants to eliminate Protestantism from the HRE HRE: Charles V(1519-1556) takes over HRE, Netherlands, Spain, Austria
Habsburg-Valois Wars(1521-1556) Wars between HRE and France for control of Italy Rus: Ivan III(1440-1505): Ivan the Great Rus: Vasily III(1505-1533): Autocrat Rus: Ivan IV(1533-1584) Ivan the Terrible: Expanded east, after being blocked by Sweden and Poland; extended autocracy by crushing the nobles(boyars). Rus: Time of Troubles(1598-1613): Resurgence of aristocratic power in a period of anarchy 1569: Formal merger of Lithuanian & Poland, weak monarch and strong nobles Eng: Henry VIII(1509-1547): Starts the Anglican Church Eng: Elizabeth I(1558-1603): Politique, defender of Protestantism Eng: Mary I(1553-1558): "Bloody Mary": Tries to bring Catholicism to England 1588: Spanish Armada defeated by English Fr: Louis XII(1498-1515) Fr: Weak kings, power really held by Catherine de' Medici(1519-1589) Fr: Francis I(1515-1547): Fights to take over Italy; 1516: Concordat of Bologna - Compromise with the Pope Fr: 1562: Massacre of Protestants Fr: 1572: Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre Fr: 1594: Coronation of Henry IV(Politique): "Paris is worth a mass" Fr: 1598: Edict of Nantes Copernicus(1543): Starts the Scientific Revolution: Sun-centered universe Brahe(collected data and rejected Aristotelian-Ptolemiac system) and Kepler(Confirmed Copernicus's heliocentric theory) further supported the sun-centered universe theory Vesalius(1540s): Anatomical drawings of the human body
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