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The Hip-hop Subculture

No description

Caitlin Hegarty

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hip-hop Subculture

The Hip-hop Subculture

Culture Wheel
Material and non material culture
Non-material culture consists of the intangible aspects of a culture such as ideas, cultural norms and values.
Material culture consists of the physical, visible parts of a culture, such as clothing, cars, weapons and buildings.

Basic value of this subculture is that there should be a war with creativity, not with weapons
Cultural Comparison
High ability to function properly within the dominant culture
Deviates from the normal language
Distances itself from mainstream Australian music culture
Graffiti labeled unacceptable
Goes against strict laws
Possession of drugs and weapons against the law
Similarly use cash and credit cards as forms of payment
Dissimilarly use illegal possessions as other forms of payment
hip-hop as a subculture emerged in Australia in the early 1980’s

since the 1990’s a distinctive local style has developed

“Hip-Hop, is not only a genre of music, but also a complex system of ideas, values and concepts that reflect newly emerging and ever-changing creative correlative expressive mechanisms” (Taylor, 2005).

Four main elements: MCing (rapping over music about your life and experiences), DJing (dissecting and remixing pre-recorded music to make new songs), breaking or 'Bboying' (dancing) and aerosol art (graffiti art).
Mission Statement
Mission is to provide a way of life for urban young people who seek to express themselves in an alternative way
that requires little monetary investment,
yet effective enough in providing an outlet for their repressed emotions.
To be a part of this subculture means being yourself, bettering yourself and being positive.
Believe in creating positive energy in the form of breakdancing, MCing, DJing and aerosol graffiti art

"a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture." (Oxford University Press, 2013)

signal their membership through “a distinctive and symbolic use of style, which includes fashions, mannerisms, and argot” (Hebdige, 1981)

Subcultures bring together like-minded individuals

increasingly developing as adolescents at this point in their lives are searching to establish a true sense of personal identity and security
By Caitlin Hegarty
“is the complex whole that consists of all the ways we think and do and everything we have as members of society” (Bierstedt, 1974).

Individuals experience enculturation

Learns to adapt to a society’s ways of thinking, feeling and acting
Values and Beliefs
Being honest, imaginative and talking about what is important to you

“It's about self-expression and getting to the core of who you are”

Value the unity, love, respect and responsibility they receive through their connection with the subculture.
Perception by Australian Culture
many of its creative elements being adopted by a
wide segment of mainstream society
Australian youth are mistaken in thinking that activities such as: smoking blunts, drinking, carrying a gun or going to strip clubs are “hip-hop”
music critics complain that rapping is not music in itself
Graffiti art has become offensive
Adult culture struggles to recognize the newly emerging forms of expression as legitimate
Belief System

having pride for ones’ community and crew
hip-hop is a way of life
burdens should be shared through expressionistic forms

lyrics- written down or recorded
physically improve their skills

Economic System
concept of ownership
economic roles
see value in objects other than money

cash and credit cards
drugs and weapons
Political-Legal System
Australian Law & policy
Australian political and hierarchical system
unwritten laws

The Australian Constitution and moral codes
common agencies of
symbols of authority.
Social Structure
success = respect
some members are more respected
symbols of status

Break Dancing
Ways of Communicating
independence from social norms
body language

hand signs
social media
text messaging
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