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Tree wi-fi

No description

Jolnar jolnar

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Tree wi-fi

Tree Wi-Fi
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi

Serious health effects.
Adverse environmental.
Ecological effects.
Tree Wi-Fi
Air pollution

Transportation (road, rail, air, marine).
Burning fuel for electricity and heating.
Oil and gas industry.
Air pollutant: NO2
Measure air pollution in small area
Making air pollution visible
Riding bikes or taking public transportation instead of driving
Tree Wi-Fi
DR. Stuart MacMillan
Different factors such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) make the air polluted.
Human daily activities has the most effect in the level of NO2.
How does tree wi-fi work?
Making air pollution visible
Clean air :
Glowing in green
Giving free Wi-Fi
Polluted air:
Glowing in red
Stop free Wi-Fi
Challenge to keep the green light up
Make the air pure and fresh
Encourage people to use electric cars and bicycle
A future without pollution
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