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Internal and External Stimuli

Explaination of internal and external stimuli

Henry Mosler

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Internal and External Stimuli

Internal and External Stimuli How do organisms respond?
What is a stimulus? A stimulus is anything that causes a reaction in an organism
What is a response? A response is the reaction the organism makes. Internal stimuli come from INSIDE an organism. Internal Stimulus HUNGER THIRST FEVER FEAR response would be food response would be perspiration response would be water response would be fight to protect
or flight to run away External stimuli come from an orgamism's environment external stimuli include: heat the response would be animals pant or sweat cold - absence of heat light animals - pupils change size plants - phototropism Reflex Reactions simple innate behaviors that organisms are born with Some responses do not invlove a message from the brain, that means we don't think about it. examples include sneezing shivering yawning jerking away from painful stimulus Instinctive Behaviors complicated innate behaviors that animals must develop spiders spinning webs birds building nests Learned Behaviors animals learn to hunt animals stay very still when scared seals balance a ball dogs catch a frisbee shivering behaviors that are the result of experience or practice So, do you know the difference between instinctive and learned behaviors? make a t-chart on the left side and list 3 instinctive and 3 learned behaviors Examples of instinctive behaviors Examples of learned behaviors Plants-transpiration
(release water into the atmosphere) "What's your favorite color?"
"Blue, no yellow!" "Your Comander in Chief gave you a direct order. DO IT!" "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" I'm scared!
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