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Team Collaborative; Path Goal Leadership Theory

This is a presenation designed to provide an overview of the Path-Goal Leadership Theory. This has been created as a class project for a class at Northeastern University

Gloria Bruce

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Team Collaborative; Path Goal Leadership Theory

The Path-Goal Theory centers on how leaders motivate subordinates to accomplish designated goals
The path to follow should be clearly identified

Motivation is used to encourage individuals to follow the path to the end goal
In order to be successful, the end goal should be clearly identified...
Leadership Theory

Presented by:

Team Collaborative
Gloria Bruce
Beth Moody
Rachel Payson
Louis Strazzullo
For the Path-Goal Leadership approach
to be effective...
When needed, support should be provided to ensure that the goal is reached
Obstacles must be overcome in order to
ensure success

Like most theories, Path-Goal has strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats

Various factors pertaining to the leader, individual and environment should be considered....

The Path-Goal Theory structure provides a detailed means by which leaders can help individuals reach a goal
In the end...
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Path-Goal Theory (Northouse, 2013)
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Path Goal Theory (Northouse, 2013)
For example some individuals may have a higher degree of experience or education
and some leaders may be off in their own little bubble as the individual follows their path
Other considerations are outlined in the info-graph to follow...
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