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No description

Dierra Cohen

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of daytripper

a collaborative piece by: Andrea Glass & Dierra Cohen
"Jorge was his best friend, and that's what friends do. They care. They find each other and stick together when things get rough. Friends are worth every effort. Friends matter."

- daytripper, Chapter 6, pp. 150
God knows the roads we crossed together. And you've always got my back. I take good care of you, and you take care of me. You're my best friend...you never let me down.

- daytripper, Chapter 6, pp. 151
inspired by: daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba
"One day in the summer of 2006, Dierra Cohen and Andrea Glass met and became best friends forever."
And nothing was the same...
Bye bye 8th grade. Hello high school!!
First homecoming week
We like to PARTY
No spirit like school spirit. Go SPARTANS!
Community Service by the river.
It's hot, but we're gonna take this picture anyway.
Slight Photoshoot
Are you catching all of this?
Yes, I'm cute. I know
Hol' up!
Hol' up!
Save Me!!
From a bug lol?
And again!
And again!
Okay. Last one!
Photo booth FUN!
Party like a rockstar!
Hair Flip!
Let's go shopping!
Choir rehearsal, but we're not singing!
My chauffeur is camera shy!
Time to induct National Honors Society newbies!
Let's get the day started
Project Graduation!
Senior Luncheon
A night to remember!
pose for snapchat!
High School Graduation
We made it!
Next step:
Conquer Knoxville!!
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