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Verb to be- Simple present

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Daniela Rodriguez

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Verb to be- Simple present

We can use the verb to be when:
Normally we use the verb to be to show the status or characteristics of something or someone (as a stative verb). It says what I am, what you are or what something is.

Ex. - She is helpful.

Presented by: Laura Castañeda, Paola Guáqueta, Alexandra Jimenez, Natalia Reyes, and Daniela Rodriguez.

The present simple in English is used when someone want to tell your daily activities or hobbies.
Present simple
Verb to be
The verb to be is the most important verb in the English language. It is difficult to use because it is an irregular verb in almost all of its forms. It is said to be the most changeable verb of the English language, Considering that we use it so often, it is really too bad that the verb “To be” has to be the most irregular, slippery verb in the language.
Affirmative form
Subject + Verb o be + complement

* I am a girl.
* She is in the car.
* He is from Spain.
* You are my cousin.
* Hector is beautiful.
Negative form
Subject + verb to be + negative form + complement

* He is not Happy
*Camila is not a good wife
*Esteban is not good at english
*They are not students
* We are not angry with you
Yes/no Questions
Verb to be + subject + complement

* Are you an 11 grade student?
* Is that your ex's new girlfriend?
* Are those shoes of yours?
* Are you the Alejandro´s girlfriend?
* Is this your bag?
Wh questions
* Were is your mom tonight?
* Who is that guy over there?
* Why did you fail the exam?, it was so easy.
* When is the prom party?
* What is your favorite teacher?
Verb to be- Simple present
You walk for two hundred metres, then you turn left.
Water freezes at zero degrees.
It rains every afternoon in the hot season.
The earth revolves around the sun.
He goes to school every morning.
We can use it when:
Frequency Adverbs
The frequency adverbs in simple present are used to say how often do we do something.
We use this adverbs in simple present because they indicate "habits and routines".
We can see habits and routines in simple present most of the time because there are activities that we do frequently and the frequency adverbs express this routines of the best form.

Some of this adverbs are:

Affirmative form
subject+adverb+ verb+predicate
*My sister usually goes to the gym on Wednesday
*We often wait for the bus
*Sometimes we go to the work by taxi

We need to use the Present Simple a lot in English, so it's really important to understand it well. is the tense basically used to express what someone does often or daily, activities, or hobbies, including like or dislike verbs.
Wh + Verb to be+ subject + complement


Subject + verb (infinitive) + complements

You talk about your life as an example for your friends.
They play football all the Fridays after the class.
She dances with Juan in the bar two times to the week.
We watch action movies because are interesting and entertaining.
He drinks orange juice for the morning before get out.

Subject + Aux + not+ verb (infinitive)+ complements

We don't believe in God from small by our family.
He doesn't break the toy his friend Carlos by envy.
I don't buy the ticket for the party Saturday.
Sofia doesn't change her bag by a dress for her mom.

Aux+ subject+ verb(infinitive)+ complements
Do you work in a bar?
Does she listen the biology class?
Does Juan live in Miami with his family?

Wh + aux + subject+ verb(infinitive)+ complements
How do I look this morning?
What do we have homework for the Monday?

Negative form
*He don't ever download music from the internet
*Paula doesn't usually get a good job
Question form
Aux+subject+adverb+main verb+predicated
*Do you always read a book on the week?
*Did Camilo ever play voleyball?

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