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CARE-Poverty Organisation

Geography-Assessment: About Poverty.

Kevin Dao

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of CARE-Poverty Organisation

Poverty Description of Issue Poverty means: to be in a state of little or no money. Basically, to be in a poor condition
Approximately 25 000 people die
every day of hunger or hunger-related causes http://www.poverty.com/
http://www.care.org/about/index.asp Bibliography Kevin Dao 7r
Mr Walters Why this inequality exists The role of CARE Poverty exists because of debts, natural
disasters,wars,diseases,population growth and unfair trade etc. Map showing countries in poverty
_ _
_ | |_
\ /
\/ History of CARE CARE was formed in 1945, uniting 22 American organisations. Funding of CARE CARE is a leading organisation fighting global poverty
They cover education, agriculture and food security, health, economic development, nutrition, water, sanitation and environmental health Where CARE operates CARE is receives its money from donations
CARE is funded by 11 Multilateral donors, and additionally by governments of 12 countries... (There wasn't a pie graph) To help end poverty... even though money don't grow on trees.. We don't need these type of people.. But these.. Australia Australia Austria Canada Denmark Ireland Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Switzerland United Kingdom U.S.A An organisation that supports those living in poverty is.. So...
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