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Lecture Outline

No description

John Stanton

on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of Lecture Outline

Lecture 10: Revision and Exam Technique
Lecture Outline
Term 1 topics
Introduction to UK Constitution

The Institutions

The rule of law

Separation of Powers

Parliamentary Sovereignty

EU and Sovereignty

Responsible and accountable government

Royal Prerogative

Devolution and Local Government
Exam Questions
Using the time left
Christmas break - relax! Also make sure you're up-to-date and in order

Revise in way best for you

Never too early ...

Make notes and look over reading


Past papers
Recap of Term 1

Answering Exam questions!
Why, according to Montesquieu, is the separation of powers important? To what extent are the legislative, executive and judicial institutions in the UK separate from one another? (2017)
Critically discuss the following statement: “The gradual devolution of powers in the UK will necessarily lead to a federal constitution.” (2017)
"The meaning of Parliamentary Sovereignty was fundamentally altered by the outcome of the Factortame case. The case truly had a revolutionary effect within the UK constitution."

Critically analyse this statement (2016)

Assess the relevance of the orthodox theory of Parliamentary Sovereignty in the UK constitution today. In your answer, take account of the probable exit of the UK from the European Union (2017)

Critically discuss whether the UK Constitution can be said to subscribe to a formal conception of the rule of law, or a substantive one (2015)

What we look for ...
What the question asks

Relevant answers


Critical analysis

Sufficient depth


Quality, not quantity

Structured argument


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