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Standards-Based Learning

Prezi 3d

Peter Burrows

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Standards-Based Learning

Standards-Based Learning Standards-Based Grading Practice: Significant Departure From Tradition esse é você! Tenets of Proficiency Instruction Clear learning targets for students Assessments linked to learning targets Learning Targets WHS Proficiency Development Student Perspective Which aspects of the proficiency model do you see fitting with the K-12 vision? Reflection Traditional Gradebook:
Classwork: 20 percent
Homework: 30 percent
Unit Tests/Quizzes 40 percent
Final Exam 10 percent Standards-Based Gradebook:
LT 1 Key Ideas and Details
LT 2 Personal Interpretation and Response
LT 3 Author's Craft and Structure
LT 4 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
LT 5 Writing Process
LT 6 Writing Conventions
LT 7 Writing Organization
LT 8 Vocabulary
Final Exam- Includes all or most of these targets and new learning can improve old scores Gradebooks Conversations have changed:
No longer about points, but about what skills need improvement.
No more power struggle over due dates. If it's in on time, they have a chance to revise.
Students are involved in the learning process. Pilot of 13 teachers for 2011-2012 PD 2012-2013 Learning target development
Assessment Goal: Moving towards a true PLC Clear communication about student learning Balance between formative and summative assessment Equity and consistency across the district Multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency Growth! Approximately half the staff now operating standards-based, including 9th grade core Considerable feedback to staff regarding development/evaluation What questions do you have about proficiency? Which aspects of this model require further gestation?
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