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Why should you watch anime?

No description

Allie Foster

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Why should you watch anime?

The Different Types of Anime
And many more
Works Cited

Anime Characters
Anime characters can be
Which is why we probably love them so much
Why should you watch Anime?
Why You Should Watch Anime
You be welcome into a very large group of people

Otakus, Anime fans, are also very friendly, unless you insult their favorite Anime.
Watching Anime
If an Anime is good enough you can loose yourself in it

When your finally done watching hours could have passed

Although you should probably control the amount of Anime you watch.

You don't want to become antisocial because the only thing you do is watch Anime in your room all day
The Anime Community
Since anime isn't that popular outside of Japan, finding someone who likes it can lead to an instant friendship with them that will last a long time
Sometimes certain Anime can change how you see things in everyday life

For example my favorite Anime Hetalia is about the countries of the world, this Anime has changed my outlook on History
By Allie Foster
- Special A -romantic/comedy
- Ouran High School Host Club -romantic/comedy
- Nagi no Asukara -fantasy, cute
- Clannad & Clannad After Story -*the feels, romantic
- Kotoura-San -Slice of everyday life
- Rosario + Vampire -Echhi
- Attack On Titans -Action
- Shiki -Horror
Examples of Different Anime
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