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Natural Disasters - Floods

No description

Francis-Olivier Girard

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Natural Disasters - Floods

Floods By Marie & Francis-Olivier Introduction Kill approx. 250 000 people/year Plan - What are they?

- Where do they happen

- Causes - Consequences

- How to prevent/solutions

- Conclusion What are floods? Overflow of water in a land Created by the Earth Causes rise of water level Floods Flash floods Causes destructive damage Floods that are happening very quickly Consequences In a small amount of time; only several hours or even less Positive Negative Rehydrate the ground Revive the aquifers Enrich soils with nutrients Soil pollution Causes by environment Causes by human On people On nature Different types of causes Kill plants and trees 2001: flash flood killed more than 1 500 hectares of forest 15 cm can knock down a person
60 cm can float a bus Very expensive Australia: 377 millions of dollars/year Interrupt the services Damage roads, houses, buildings Destroy crops Solutions Reforestation Embankments and sea walls Dams Conclusion Kill About 66% of deaths happen in vehicles Causes from precipitation More known cause Climate Accumulation of rain Overflow of rivers, lakes, seas, etc Simply too much rain Ground can't no more absorb water Don't need to already have water Underground drainage and sewer Floods from tsunamis, hurricane Size, shape Deforestation Different types of causes Snowmelt floods Coastal floods Drought period Wind eroding soil Reduce efficacy of soil Poor dams Cannot resist to a lot of
water Different types of floods: Coastal areas floods Riverine floods Hurricanes, tsunamis,etc Rivers, lakes, etc Multitude of ways to happen Time that it takes Most take hours or even days
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