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Spring Conference Reflection

No description

ariel finkelshteyn

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Spring Conference Reflection

spring Conference Reflection by Ariel

I really like to write quizzes. I need to improve on writing stories. My favorite piece was Guess the Team. I chose this piece because because I like trying to trick people.

Science/Social Studies
I really enjoyed learning about space. This is interesting to me because I never heard of the some of the planets.
I hope to learn about veins in the future.
I am really good at multiplication
I really liked learning division
I need to work on geometry

I am really good at reading scary books.
I am really liked reading about hockey. I would recommend this book because I like hockey. I need to work on reading long books. I am going to try to read those books more often to improve this area.
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