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the fall of rome

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jordan wehmhoefer

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of the fall of rome

by Jordan
Gage The Fall of Rome The Failing Economy Slave labor with Rome having slaves it kept them from advancing their technology.
slaves were used for just about every thing in Rome
on farms
public buildings
the bad work the people were to good to do Christianity natural causes over population Splitting the Empire invasion Rome was getting to large to for one person to rule.
They were running out of land.
many people had many kids which made the population sky rocket
they conquered lots of land and with getting the land they took over the population to! Plague wiped out 1/10 of the population.
Rome had many earthquakes.
They had active volcanoes that erupted throughout the empire.
The Romans used lead in their water pipes and it poisoned the population. they had a bad thing with money and all of the people that lived in Rome. they spent a lot of their money on gold and military weapons
Rome had lots of valuable merchandise that affected their rich economy
with slave labor many people lost their jobs because slave were cheaper during this time this was a religion that was not well liked. they say whoever who believes in Christianity did not worship the emperor. Christianity was illegal in Rome for the longest time until 360 A.D when Theodosius came to the throne. this affected Rome because it was causing a big argument in Rome two years before his death, flavius Theodosius decided to split the roman empire into two, eastern and western Rome. Theodosius could not do this himself. so he had his youngest son Flavius Honorius rule the western empire when he was only nine years old. the reason this was an affect on Rome was because they became very separate and politically competitive. the first side of Rome to be conquered was the west side because they had a weaker military and not much money. Pictures in the late 300s the Romans were invaded by the Huns and the Visigoths. the Visigoths were very brutal people. they first attacked western Rome and got control of that first. by 450 A.D, all of Rome has been conquered. the roman empire officially fell in 476 A.D How Does it affect our world today? because of Rome, we now have a religion Christianity we still use today. there has been technology from the roman empire that we still use today. back then they studied mathematics, astronomy, biology and physics. Sources http://www.roman-colosseum.info/roman-empire/causes-for-the-fall-of-the-roman-empire.htm


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