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Harriet Tubman Secret Agent

No description

Denise Mei

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Harriet Tubman Secret Agent

Harriet Tubman Secret Agent
How Daring Slaves And Freed Blacks Spied for the Union During The Civil War

By Thomas B. Allen

Illustrations by Carla Bauer (copyright 2006 by Thomas B. Allen )

By: Denise Mei 307 #5

What is the summary of this book in your own words…?

What this book is about is when a young slave by the name of Harriet Tubman (birth named: Araminta Ross or Minty for short) decides to rebel against slavery and help slaves escape using the North star to the North, where slavery is forbidden. Since Minty was hit in the head with a weight when she was young, she has had glimpses about the future, which helped shape her personality and helped her reach her goals. At the age of 22, Harriet marries a freed slave named John Tubman. although, the marriage did not free her and she left him behind for good. Soon in the future, she joins a man named John Brown rebel and revolt against slavery in a violent way which involves many freed slaves going against their masters and other slave’s masters as well. Then, Harriet soon becomes a spy for the Union Army training other slaves to do the same as well. Since they were african americans, the going against their
masters and other slave’s masters as well. Then, Harriet soon becomes a spy for the Union Army training other militaries considered them invisible, which made them perfect spies. Later on, Harriet gets married for good to a man by the name of Nelson Davis. In the end, in the year of 1913, Harriet dies of pneumonia.
Quotes!! What do they MEAN...?

- “I have never lost a passenger” Harriet quoted. This quote meant something in that it proves to the reader how determined Harriet was to help slaves escape, how badly she wanted to end the pain of slavery ( page 30 ).
- “ and I would give every drop of blood in my veins to free them” quoted Harriet. This quote meant that Harriet was desperate and anxious for slavery to end ( page 30 ).
- “But she decided freedom was worth whatever she had to do to find it.” This quote from the book meant that Harriet would have done anything she possibly would’ve done to gain freedom and escape the horrors of slavery ( page 10 ).
- “...He [Harriet] is most of a man naturally I ever met with…” quoted John Brown. When John Brown says this, he means that Harriet acted so bravely and “warrior-like” that her actions were similar to what a man would do ( page 48 ).
- A writer once asked Harriet if she really would have shot anyone who wanted to turn back. “Yes,”she said”...do you think I would let so many die for one coward man?” This quote tells the reader that Harriet was serious and determined to have freedom and would have done whatever it took to find it ( page 31 ).
- “the place was filled with screams of agony every evening.” quoted Harriet. This quote has value in that it tells the reader how bad and horrible slavery was and that every day in the evening, there was always someone getting punished ( page 131 ).
- “ I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. I was free.” quoted Harriet. This quote tells the reader how badly Harriet wanted freedom and that once she received it, she could not believe it and was thrilled ( page 25 ).

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