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Beautiful Disaster

No description

Cheri Patton

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Beautiful Disaster

"Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire
Abby "Pigeon" Abbernathy is the main character in "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire. She has left a mysterious past to attend college with her best friend, America. At school, Abby meets Travis Maddox, a guy who is known for dating beautiful girls and lots of them. Abby tries to resist Travis' charms, but she eventually relents, and they become friends. The story is about their ever-evolving, complicated relationship.
Important Event
Abby has to travel to Las Vegas with her friends, America, Travis, and Shepley, to resolve a mob-related dispute involving her father. Travis is tempted by lights, money, and the mob, and Abby has to put her foot down. Travis doesn't understand the risk of becoming involved with the mob; he only sees what the money could do for them. So, Abby makes the hard decision to end her relationship with Travis.
Abby makes some great decisions, and she make some terrible ones. There are moments when she seems very mature, and there are other moments where I wanted to scream at the book that she was being an idiot. Many times she would make a sound decision in her head, then throw that decision out the window the minute she opened her mouth. I had difficulty identifying with her for that very reason.
"It wasn't just me, and it wasn't just him, it was what we were together that was the exception."
- Abby "Pigeon" Abernathy
“I knew the second I met you
that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it
wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.”
- Travis Maddox
Character Analysis - Abby Abernathy
Descriptive Statement
Abby Abernathy is a straight-laced, responsible college student who meets a troubled guy, Travis Maddox, who is known for his womanizing ways. Their relationship is tumultuous, dysfunctional, and messy, but they genuinely care for one another.
2.5 Stars
MLA Citation
McGuire, Jamie. Beautiful Disaster: A Novel. New York: Atria Paperback, 2012. Print.
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