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Download Festival

No description

Kyler Denton

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Download Festival

Download Festival
By Kyler Denton
What is Download?

Download is a festival which has been running yearly since 1980 and is still held today. Even as this presentation is being shown the hosts are organising which bands are playing this years festival.
1980? What happened?
The first monsters of rock festival was put together in just 14 weeks by two men, one with a headline band (Paul loasby) which was Rainbow. While the other had the money needed to get the crazy idea of a festival specifically for rock and metal fans off the ground. this man was Maurice Jones. together in just over three months they both set the place of the event that in 30 years would be one of uk's most famous and popular metal festivals.
Maurice jones (founder)
Maurice passed away November 09' after a long fight with cancer. he was 64 years of age. In 1985 he also helped stage the now world famous Live Aid concert held at wembley stadium. But he is best remembered for the Monsters of Rock festivals.He also apparently liked a nice pint and a curry.
The first festival
The First Monsters of rock festival took place on Saturday August 16th...It rained all day.These being the early years only a handful of bands performed on a single stage. The first bands to first christen donnington park were RIOT, JUDAS PRIEST, APRIL WINE, SAXON, SCORPIONS and TOUCH.
Boring info
besides the music and the crowds fun things can happen within the community of the festival such as the video- (http://www.youtube.com/user/jumpbike) is the true owner of the visual content.
Although the people in the video didn't help the poor "fool". These people only make up a small amount of the community as there are people there who hold kids back from mosh pits and ask small people if they want to crowd surf out of the crowd as body heat of 200 people around you can get rather hot and make you dehydrated.
Besides the experience of what life is like inside the giant crowds of about 50,000 people, the atmosphere of the festival itself is fantastic. Seeing the bands that you worship and would love to be is really mind blowing.

Another great thing is that joining in with the bands by singing the words or going crazy is great. The amount of people that do what they say is amazing that one man has the power to command all those people. Its like a man telling a computer what to do, or moses in the desert. The metaphors of this experience are endless.
Camping at download is extraordinary as there is a designated site for camper vans only. Where there are other sites which are for tents, resulting in enitre fields filled with tents. In some peoples opinions this is where the action really is, as anything is allowed such as flags, alchohol (not allowed on the main arena has to be purchased on site).
The experience for performers themselves is also something that they themselves cannot forget as it is an experience that all bands want to feel. Being up on the stage seeing those thousands of people must be agreat feeling.
Thanks for listening
I hope you learned alot about download and what its about.
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