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Parts of the computer by Charli xx!!!!

No description

Charli Harris

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Parts of the computer by Charli xx!!!!

-Depressing when you are unable to help
-Time consuming
-Long hours
-A great deal of responsibility
-Managed care means more difficulty earning a high salary
- Delivering heartbraking news
- Make life changing decisions

•Ability to provide service and support to others
•Save lives
•Continuous learning
•Opportunity to appreciate medical science
•Teach students and patients about medicine
•Decent salary
•High status occupation

Interpersonal skills
There are many tools involved in medicine that test the function of organs, and assist with procedures and operations.
At a young age I showed an interest in medicine due to my dad being a GP. I am very interested in becoming a doctor in the future and chose to research this to find out more and teach others about it. I decided to focus on the general practitioner because they deal with a wide range of problems.
•Ability to provide service and support to others
•Save lives
•Continuous learning
•Teach students and patients about medicine
•Decent salary
•High status occupation

The ultimate goal for many GP's is owning their own successful practice. For some it is finding a balance between work and free time. The ultimate position often depends on the needs of the doctor.
The Ultimate Position
Positive Aspects of Being a Doctor
Thanks for Listening
Parts of the computer
Mother Board
The Mother Board connects everything and makes them work together as one.

Graphics Card
The Graphics Card makes the computer able to show clear pictures that aren't blurry.
The RAM ( random access memory ) lets you remember the little things like the page you were on before. Once you switch the computer off it will lose all the memory and go blank again.
Hard Disk
The hard disk stores the computers data. For example when you save a file, it will be saved in the hard disk
The CPU ( central processing unit ) is the brain of the computer. Its job is to work the computer and tells it what to do.
Power Supply
The power supply gives the energy to the computer and keeps it cool with the fan. Without the power supply the computer would over heat, probably stop working and EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for watching !!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my presentation
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