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Belgacom vContainer

Infosecurity 2012

Belgacom EBU COR Prezi

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Belgacom vContainer

Organize your own virtual
datacenter in a flexible way with minimal investment costs and maximum system availability. 2. Create the vApp 3. Create & configure network inside the vApp 4. Configure connectivity natting & virtual firewall 5. Start vApp min 5 to setup & configure your virtual applications. 5 1. Login to your secure Belgacom vContainer account Belgacom vContainer demo via your
browser with the vCloud Director web interface. In only steps Login to your secure Belgacom vContainer account Create the vApp 2. Create & configure network inside the vApp 3. Configure connectivity natting & virtual firewall 4. Start vApp 5. 1. Customer infrastructure platform
Container of virtual resources Based on best of breed technology hosted instate-of-the-art datacenters
Flexibility of design: Dedicated or shared platform
Supports the hybrid model
Provides well defined service levels
End-to-end virtualised
Use of your own or the public catalogue Test & development environments
Spreading workloads (front end – back end )
Training environment
Split up application tiers (traffic/security ...)
Spin up workloads for traffic spike (temporary capacity)
DRS purposes
… Belgacom vContainer for Belgacom vContainer features
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