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combat zone

No description

erika steinger

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of combat zone

combat zone
combat zone
do now:
literary analysis
unit eq: what impact can a war have on its participants?

lesson eq: how can we use literary elements to analyze a text?
literary analysis
topic sentence
literary analysis
literary analysis
Choose one of the following questions about "Ambush" and answer it in about 2-3 sentences.
What personality traits do we see from the narrator?
What is the problem that contributes to the plot and what makes it interesting to read about?
How do the two settings of the story help you to better understand the narrator's problem?
How does the author create the theme of regret in the story?
Identifies title, author, and text type
Underline it!
controlling idea
Goes in the topic sentence and is an idea about the text or story element the writer will analyze
Box it!
Detail sentences give evidence from the text that supports that analysis
Check two pieces of evidence!
direct quotations
Provide evidence for the analysis
Double underline three direct quotations!
transition words/phrases
Introduce and connect ideas
Circle three transition words or phrases!
concluding sentence
Sums up the writer's key ideas about the text
Star the concluding sentence!
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