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Miowok indians

No description

Beth Smith

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Miowok indians

Miwok Natives
Men's roles
Men hunted and fished all year long, and held positions of power and leadership. They worked on their boats. Men spent much of there time spearing fish, making basket fish traps, or making bowls. In the winter, men would make foot drums, rattles, reed flutes, and bone whistles.
Women's roles
Women harvest, gathered, and prepared the food. Women would make mats, baskets, collect beads, feathers, and prepare skins to make both ceremonial clothing and capes to wear during the cool season, which was generally the only clothing they wore, along with their jewelry.
Food & water sources
They drank sea water, they ate deer, bee honey, sea gull, geese, and wood peckers.
Tools and weapons
One of the most common weapons of the Miowok Indians is a bow and arrow. they also used clubs, traps, nets, spears, and fish baskets.
Tools they used are knives, mortars, and pestles paddles.
Were we got our imformation
One: Kenne, Two: Osha, Three: Teleeka, Four: Hunya, Five: Kennekkulh.
Dog: Hayuhsha, Sun: Hii, Moon: Puluuluk, Water: Liwa.
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