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Discovering Allusions

No description

Carrie Wille

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Discovering Allusions

What is an allusion?
Read each example of an allusion, and, with your team, try to determine what an allusion is and come up with your own definition.
I may be afraid of spiders, but I am not a cowardly lion!
When I found out how bad my students were for the sub, I became Hitler and they knew I mean business!
Who is the author referring to? Why does he/she make that reference?
When she choked, she was as purple as Barney!
What is the author referring to? Why does she make that reference?
I am scared to ride in a car with him. He drives like a kamikaze!
What reference is the author making? Why does he make that reference?
Based off the examples, what do you think allusion is?
Discovering Allusions
What is the author referencing? Why?
I was so scared last night! My house is straight off of
Paranormal Activity.
What is the author referring to? What is the author saying about his/her house with this reference.
Using his Hercules strength, Martin lifted the car off of the man.
Who is the author referring to? Why did he/she make that allusion?
Who does the name of this product refer to? Why would a company make this reference?
An allusion is a reference to something well known and famous.
The author has to mean something by using the allusion. It can't just be a statement or fact.
He is my Romeo.
Romeo is my favorite character in
Romeo and Juliet.
Allusion or not?
1. Barak Obama won the 2008 and 2012 elections.
2. Scarlett O'Hara is the main character in
Gone With the Wind.
3. Candice is FHC's Miley Cyrus.
4. Don't let him near dogs! We should call him Michael Vick!

What is the author alluding to?
What is the author trying to say with
this allusion?
What is South Park referencing?
What is the creators of
Family Guy
alluding to?
5.) It is taking forever because I sent it through the Pony
An allusion is a reference to something well-known or famous
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