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Social Media

No description

Kimmy Yar

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media

25 students out of 56 have seen mean posts or comments on
and 31 students haven't.

Out of 56 students 12 have good thoughts about and 24 students have bad thoughts. 20 people don't have an account.

10 out of 56 students have an account and 46 students don't have an account.

15 students out of 56 post unanimous posts on and 41 students don't.
Some pros about are.........
Social Media in General

There are pros and cons about facebook
What effect does social media have on people today?
Some cons about are.........
There are positives and
negatives to this argument
The Argument


Students who used social media while studying got lower grades on tests.
Social media
networking is the top
news source ranking just
below newspapers.
Facebook in general
Survey results
6 out of 56 people have a Facebook account
4 people find it beneficial
Instagram has many
pros and cons

There is a new law about your social media accounts effecting a job application

On social medias, you can't be sure who someone really is.

-Instagram had a lot of users just in 2012

-Instagram now has a lot more and the amount is growing

Survey Responses
people use social media everyday
Survey Response
people use Instagram as soon as they wake up
people don't know who everyone is
1. What is one con about Facebook that I mentioned?
2. What is one pro about Facebook that I mention?
3. Will the owner of be able to see your account if you delete it?
4. How old do you have to be to have an account?
5. What is the law about social media?
6. From our survey, how many people have an instagram account?
8. How many characters are allowed when using Twitter?
9. What is the safest way to tweet your friends?
What is the argument?

You can make new friends
You can tweet directly to one of your followers
Broadcast your life
The website is very easy to use
Twitter is completely free
Many people bully other users on Twitter
There is a 140 character limit
You never know who is looking at the tweets you have posted
Twitter can crash at times
People create fake accounts
Additional facts
Survey Results
Twitter rose the amount of shares
You can post links with picture
Many businesses use Twitter
11 out of 56 kids said they have a twitter account
0 out of 56 kids said they have been bullied on Twitter
0 out of 56 kids said they have faked there identity on Twitter
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