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Population pyramids

2nd term of 3rd of ESO

David Teacher

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of Population pyramids

During Mao Zedong's rule, the population policy of China was “the more people, the stronger we are”, leading to overpopulation and a series of famines.

When Deng Xiaoping took power in 1978, his new policies focused on strengthening China's economy, and he saw overpopulation as a block to economic development.
Historical evolution
Population in China
Population modifiers
Future world
In the 1970s the Chinese government had issued three policies to reduce the birth rate:

One child policy
Different realities
One child
They call me a little emperor of the one Child policy But stick around and you'll find what I've found it's not easy to be me See science made it possible to give birth to only boys Now everyone wants Y-chromosomes for their little bundle of joy. So there are no girls born, in China anymore I feel so forlorn, with nobody to keep me warm Confucian culture scorns daughters in favor of sons So there are no girls born and I'm doomed to be just one My parents chose me in utero to carry on the family name But if I can't find a bride I'll be carrying nothing but shame You gotta be tall, educated, and own your own house miss one out of three, you won't find a spouse So there are no girls born, in China anymore I feel so forlorn, with nobody to keep me warm Confucian culture scorns daughters in favor of sons So there are no girls born and I'm doomed to be just one You know they say it's still a man's world Mao says women hold up half the sky I don't know if that's true and I don't know what to do but without them I'm so lonely I could cry. There are no girls born in China anymore I feel so forlorn with nobody to keep me warm Confucian cultures scorns daughters in favor of sons So there are no girls born...and I'm doomed to be just one.
Role playing
death rate
child mortality
Diseases and health
Natural disasters
Are the pyramids going to be similar in:
Differences between countries

Using the template about writing an essay
Write an essay comparing the former pyramids
Write a comparison
Elder people don't work
How are we going to sustain elder people?
How will developing countries be controlled?
Grammar Focus
Population pyramids
Despite the not-yet wealthy family economy, the only child tends to have almost whatever he wants and whatever the parents can get.  The spoiled child thus acquires the nickname "little emperor.“ In later life there is often a lack of reality and responsibility because the child has been used to taking things for granted!

1 Late marriage
2 Longer spacing between births
3 Fewer children
·past perfect
do they need to be controlled?
what will happen if the population grows in the third world and decreases in the first one?
Unemployment is bigger nowadays than time ago
think and discuss
Some vocabulary
displaced people
low life expectancy
Can you think about any of these conditioners which have taken place lately?
-If both parents are only children they are allowed to have more than one child provided the children are spaced more than 4 years

-In most rural areas if the first child is a girl couples are allowed to have another child

-Families who have children with mental or physical disabilities are sometimes allowed to have another child

some exceptions
Developed countries
Undeveloped countries
Having seen all these population conditioners,
Population Pyramid

1. Lights – Camera – Action! We are going to perform a role-play in groups of 3/4 students. Here you have 3 choices. Your teacher will tell you what play you have to perform. First of all you will have to write down the script! This is a dialogue between the characters. Then you have to learn your script and finally... just perform it! Note that your clothes and make-up will be considered for your mark.

A. Ying is a young Chinese woman. She is married to Yang. They got married two years ago and have got a child, Yoko. Now Ying is pregnant again by mistake!. That means that Yang will earn less money and they will have to pay extra taxes. They don’t have money to buy food and clothes. What are they going to do?

B. Dr Chung Li is a young doctor. He is 28 years old and hasn’t got a lot of experience. Yuki is his nurse. One day at the hospital they have to face a problem: A young couple is going to have a baby. The couple said that if it is a girl, they have to kill her. What are they going to do?

C. It is year 2070. There are few young people living in China. Chan Ya is 60 years old and he can’t work because he is ill. He has no money for food. He asks for help to the government but they say that they can do nothing for him. What is he going to do?
Compare using as…as and just, nearly, not quite, half, twice,…

The number of, the percentage of, China is…

Big, populated,…

Undernourishment: Nigeria 8%, Guatemala 16%, Haiti 58%, Yemen 32%
Death rate: Ukraine 15.75, South Africa 17.36, China 7.31, Bahrain 2.65
Birth rate: Niger 46.84, Mali 46.06, Monaco 6.79, Argentina 17.12, Tunisia 17.12

1. The death rate in Ukraine is twice as high as in China.
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