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Greek & Latin Roots: set 3: curr/cours/curs

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Tiffany Davis

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Greek & Latin Roots: set 3: curr/cours/curs

These are 3 separate roots, but they mean the same thing!

Any time that you see these roots, think about
running or flowing.
the entire run of courses offered to a student.
a runner or messenger.
flowing writing
a running flow, as of water or electricity.
Latin Roots:
Curr/Curs/Cours(Set 3)

forerunner; a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind.
a swift-running horse.
one who runs from the law; a pirate.
quick; as a glance.
a long, running speech.
a long, running hallway.
Quick! What are some words you know that have these roots?
Write them on your sheet!
Before we move on.....
Write the definition.
Use the word in a sentence.
Write down one memory/sensory note that will help you remember this word.
Curr, Cours,Curs
The current of electricity from the lightning strike caught the home on fire.
The students learn the Common Core curriculum in Cumberland County.
The courier was two days late delivering the package, so FedEx refunded my shipping charge.
When signing an official document, you need to sign your name in cursive.
The precursor of the chicken is the egg...or is it?
At the Kentucky Derby, I bet $200 on the fastest courser.

The corsair lived his life on the run; he robbed a boat and got one million dollars worth of gold!
After a cursory look, she moved on.
Before the election, the nominees travel and give many discourses across the country.
The corridor was long, as the home had ten bedrooms just on the one floor.
a runner or messenger.
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