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Rosa Parks

No description

Agna terence

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Rosa Parks

Rosa parks family was not your typical life family. Her mother's name is Leona McCauley and her father's name is James McCauley. Rosa had one brother and his name is Sylvester McCauley. Her mother was a teacher and her father was a carpenter.Her parents separated when she was young . Rosa's mother moved the family to Alabama to live her parents.Her grandparents were both former slaves and strong advocates of racial equality. Rosa spent a lot of her childhood with her grandparents on their farm. When she was 19, Rosa married a man named Raymond Parks a barber and a member of National Association for the the Advancement of Colored people. This some of the things that happened in Rosa Parks life.
Family Life
Interesting facts
Where and when she was born?
Rosa parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama, United States.
Important person of Black history month!
Rosa Parks
Bus Story
Rosa Parks is very famous for her bus story. If you haven't heard of the bus story I will tell you it. The bus story started when Rosa Parks sat on the front seat of a bus. Then a white pearon asked her to get of the seat but she said no because she got it first.This lead to an arrest, yes Rosa Parks got arrested for not giving up her seat to the white person. People still remember her for what she did.
1. Rosa Parks full name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.
2. Rosa Parks nickname is Mother of Civil Rights Movement.
3. Rosa Parks lived in Tuskegee. Which is in US.
4. Rosa Parks interests and hobbies were to sew and collect cotton. Also she liked to help slaves escape to the North.
5. Rosa Parks favorite music is Classical music.
6. Rosa Parks favorite food is vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes and more.
7. Rosa Parks favorite color is pink.
8. Rosa Parks job is Civil Rights Activist.
9. Rosa Parks had no children.
10. Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005 and she was 92 when she died.
Why is she important?
Rosa Parks is important because, her courage's act to refuse to give her bus seat to a white person led to the formation of movements to end segregation and racism in 1955.
Why did I choose Rosa Parks?
I choose Rosa Parks because I did not Know anything about her. So if I choose her then I could learn about her and also finish my assignment. Another reason I choose Rosa Parks because with the information I know about her I find her interesting to do my assignment on.
This the end of my presentation. Thank you for your time and attention. Remember to act for what is right and stand up to stop racism. One pearson could change the world. Do what ROSA PARKS did.
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