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jonathan Zhanay

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Police

Jonathan Zhanay
8th grade Mvs.Vancil Humanities-9/19/13

A police officer responds to calls for service and enforces the laws to citizens. They arrest suspects that might have broken the law. Also get to prepare cases and testify in court. They work with the community to be informed and to be safe. There are many different kinds of jobs that a police officer can do. patrol the neighborhood, interview suspects/victims/witnesses, deal with road traffic, and handle with lost or found property. Being a police officer is also a dangerous job. Having the most deaths and injuries on the job it's a risk I'm willing to take the risk. Working hours ranges from district to district. Related jobs are joining the army. Being a firefighter. Immigration officer. Warden of the prison. Also a security guard is a related job.

Patroling around a school.
Also there job is to calm down any unrest by controlling the situation.
Education requirements
Do patrols around the neighborhood.
Check for law violations.
Write up reports.
Collect evidence.
Assist detectives in investigations.
Appear and testify in court.
Use vehicles (horse, car, bicycle)
Direct traffic.
Search for wanted criminals.
Handle lost objects.
Search for lost people.
The minimum education requirement is a high school diploma.

All must graduate from police agency's training academy.

To have a higher position in the force (SWAT, captain, Superintendent) you need a bachelors degree or higher.

Educational Requirement
The best college to join is West wood college. There you can get a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Some agencies asks for some form of training in addition to a high school diploma.

An academy school is the Chicago Police Academy. Recruits need over 1000 hours of basic training. Also they train in drugs, law, ethics, report writing, vehicle stops, control tactics, firearms, physical fitness, and driving.
Every day skills
Skills to become a police officer is to be able to multitask.

Have good observation.

Pay good attention to others.

Great memory to remember important orders.
Pictures of those skills
Salary (money)
The Starting salary for the first day in the job depends how many hours your working. An example I would work from 7 am to 5 pm. The starting salary will be $43,000 for about year. Then it will increase to $60,000. Finally after 18 months of service you'll get $65,000. Your salary could increase by promotion.
Police equipment
The equipment police officers use depend on the situation. If there is a riot then they will use riot gear (helmet, shield, baton, mace, bullet proof vest, and hand cuffs). In a shooting like a school shooting then they would be armed with assault gear (hand gun or shotgun, grenades, helmet, and bullet proof vest).
Car chases
We all know what car chases are (ex. GTA5). The real thing is that the person driving 100 mph on the road is risking his own life and the lives of others driving. Tactics to handle it is to cut it off, blow up the tires, shoot the driver, or let it drive until the car runs out of fuel.
Police car chase video
Found a short, not too violent car chase video.
(imagine that happening in GTA)
Minimal Requirements
Must be a United States Citizen
Must be at least 20 years of age
Must pass physical fitness examination
Must pass written examination
Must have a high-school diploma
Also do a background check, a credit check and a drug test. At some places they could ask you the take a lie detector test or a personality test (Know your personality). Also you have to take a probation period (monitor and determine your working skills).
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