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No description

anja liedholm

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Leopard

Leopard Relationship to humans! Life
the leopard lives in africa and in asia. it lives in tropic rainforest,savannah,scrub,grasslands,montains,long country,semi deserts and forests.
it eats insekts,rodents,fish and bigger mammals. it hunts at down. it go quitly to that animal it gonna hunt. and than fast an atack
the male leave after paring. The leopard baby stay at theys mum at 18-20 month and then the babys leaving with the once. the leopard lives 15 years. if it capture it lives in 20-21 years The leopard lives of the hole africa continent soth of the shara and along the north african coast,to the arabianpeninsula,to the middle east,to south and south-east asia. up to the amour valley in the russian far east. Habitat Orginaly! orginaly leopard comes from central asia from afghanistan to Lake Baikal and eastern Tibet Adaptation! leopard have special foot leds so they can climb with the head first in the trees. They have strong legs so they can jump long and they have a good carmoflade to thir habitat. ralationsship to humans is okej. The are like leopard and humans the both can be scard for it chader. Some people love it and some people hate it. The humans have hunted it sorry. food Chain! Leopard are predator. it lives along and it like higgers at the food chain.
at the food chain you see 1.Leopard 2.chimp 3.insect 4.fruit tree
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