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Entertainment in the 1930's

No description

Shirish Nene

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Entertainment in the 1930's

Radio Sports Newspapers Movies Books Comics Games TV Dance Music Comedies, gangster movies, and musicals helped people forget their troubles Radio was also wildly popular, offering many kinds of programs, from sermons to soap operas. 90 million Americans went to a movie weekly. Walt Disney produced films Americans flocked to see.

Three Little Pigs, 1933.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Disney’s films provided entertainment for all ages and became a part of American culture. Comedies were popular. Comedies eased the mind and brought joy in a time of troubles.

Films that showed America fighting against the Depression became very popular.

Towards the late 1930s, movies from other countries began to play in American theaters. Free entertainment for millions of Americans Most common radio shows for young children was Little Orphan Annie The show was loved by children; they began to purchase items of merchandise ex. pins of Annie Most popular board games were Monopoly and Scrabble Card games were widely played Football and baseball were popular family games, but there weren't that many professional sports. Donald duck becomes popular. Malcolm Campbell sets a new world land speed record at Daytona at 245miles/hr Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men , both by John Steinback, were very popular books Silent Films (Charlie Chapman) were very widely watched National Baseball Hall of Fame starts Other popular movies were:

War of the Worlds
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz The World's Fair in New York Radio Corporation developed TV in the 1930s Experimental stations emerged in 1937 Officially introduced in 1939 WW2 prevented development until 50s Dance culture shook off European influence National pride as a theme Jitterbugs and swing dance Moved from Jazz to Swing Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong,
Fletcher Henderson Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald
Cleo Patra Brown Based on themes of Depression Happy Days Are Here Again by Benny Meroff Entertainment in the 1930's Popular Comics Included:
Krazy Kat
Little Orphan Annie
Themes from the 1930s were shown:
Changing Values
Issues of war and romance
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