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Figurative Language

No description

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Figurative Language

Simile A simile is another kind of metaphor to describe something as something else. You can usually notice a simile with the words "like" or "as".

"Her skin was as white as snow." Hyperbole Purposely over exaggerating a phrase for effect

"I'm so hungry I could eat a hours." Figurative Language Metaphor A metaphor is a phrase implying a kind of thought or object used for something to suggest a similarity.
"Your sweeter then sugar." Synecdoche A synecdoche is part of something that means the whole.
"All hands on deck." Metonymy Metonymy is having one word that could mean something but using it to mean something else.

" the ovule office." Personification A personification is an attribution of personal qualities.

"Catreena Brewer's stubbornness is a strong attribute to her own expectations of becoming successful." Pun Oxymoron a combination of conflicting or incongruous words.

"Your kindness is so cruel." A play on words.

" Why the chicken cross the rode." onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia is used when you make reoccurring sounds in a sentence.
"My honey honks the horn." Alliteration repeating consonant sound, often but contently at the beginning of the words

"Sally sell seashells by the seashore." Assonance Assonance is repeating vowel sounds.

" Right, Fight, Night ." Repetition Parallelism
"I did five push ups today." Places that are alike.

"I like fishing and painting." Apostrophe Connotation Something suggested by a word or thing.

"Hate would have a negative effect on someone." Allusion an expression designated to call something to
mind without mentioning it explication.

"This place is like the garden of Eden." An event or action or phrase repeating itself over and over to make a point . Apostrophe is talking to
someone who 's not there

"come on guys whats taking you so long."
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