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Communism in Lord of The Flies

No description

Soren Rajani

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Communism in Lord of The Flies

Dictatorship in Lord of the Flies
Definition of Dictatorship
A leader with absolute control over a country, typically acquired by force.
Cold War References
The power struggle between Ralph (Capitalism/Democracy) and Jack (Communism/dicatorship) is a very large idea in this book as well as a reference to the cold war, however the winner in the end becomes Communism and dictatorship, unlike the event in real life.
Dictatorship started in ancient Rome when in emergencies the Republic ( a group of multiple people) would hand power over to someone completely to deal with it. This was a positive and respected role, unlike the term dictator today, which is generally considered negative.
Common Ideas
Creating a a cult of personality
Military Associations
Humans rights abuses
Displays of power
Uses rules that benefit him and ignore them when they don't
Cult of personalty
Comes to power with out a vote
People don't question what he says
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