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Earth's Birthday Project 2013

No description

Jon Weaver

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Earth's Birthday Project 2013

Earth’s Birthday Project's mission is
to cultivate hope for the future
by inspiring wonder, learning and care
of the natural world in children,
teachers, and parents.
Sets of free bilingual books are delivered for reading in class and at home. Parents are asked to read the book with their children at least five times.
purchases 1 gallon of river water
or 1 square yard of protected rainforest
Classrooms that contribute
to the Big Gift to the Earth
are rewarded with
painted lady butterflies
& sunflower seeds.

Children discover the wonder of butterflies,
learn science basics and are inspired
to care for the natural world.
To encourage learning, children are given their own storybooks
about animals, sunflowers, butterflies and the love of nature.
Children demonstrate care for the natural world
by purchasing and protecting threatened habitats
for endangered species.
So that the whole family can share in
wonder, learning & care.
exemplifying acts of
In over 20 years of inspiring wonder through learning about our world, teachers, students and parents have helped Earth's Birthday to raise millions of dollars to preserve endangered habitat.

Get Your Classroom Involved!
Learn more at EarthsBirthday.org
growing sunflowers at home
caring for butterflies
Since 1989, children have raised $7 million to save more than 400,000 acres of Latin American rainforest and many thousands of gallons of U.S. river water.
Find dozens of simple science handouts & activities on our website
1 penny
Over 21 days in spring, children see up close
the life cycle of the amazing butterfly...
...and then release the butterflies as a gift to the earth.
By giving a Big Gift to the Earth,
children from coast to coast
celebrate the Earth's Birthday!
There are
so many ways
to celebrate!

conserving water, protecting forests
at school
& at home
Our Conservation Partners
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