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100 years of my life

No description

Simran Sidhu

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of 100 years of my life

100 years of my life
On March 4th, 2000 at 2:30 am my mom gave birth to a very pretty baby girl. Weighing 6 1/2 pounds. For the first 4 years of my life my parents didn't let me have hair. As the first child in my family I was given a lot of love, and I even felt like a doll. The reason was, everyone picked me up and put me down constantly.
I finished University in 2022. I finally become an Environmentalist, but I know by just doing this I won't really get far in life. So I took nursing as well from McMaster. This took me a while but I could see a good future ahead of me.
In 2029 I got married, I had a beautiful wedding and after the marriage we (my friends, husband, and I) all went to Las Vegas, Nevada. 2 years later I had a baby girl and 1 year later a baby boy. I stopped working and I had to take care of the kids. Later that year they went to a private school and I started working again.
In 2002 my mom gave birth to my sister. In 2005 my mom gave birth to my brother. I truly hated it when all the relatives loved them more than me. My brother was really chubby until he started pre-school. My sister is the same... sort of. In September, 2004 I started Kindergarten in Springdale Pubic School. In grade 2, I moved to a new house that I live in now. I had to change my school to Hewson Public School.
In 2011 I came to Sunnyview Middle School in grade 6. I wasn't scared of grade 8's because I knew most of them. I made a lot of friends from different schools. Close to the end of grade 8 I had applied for IBT (International, Business, and Technology program). I truly wished to make it through and get in.
In September 2014 I went to North Park Secondary School. I loved everything they taught us and I really wanted to become something in life that we learned at North Park. In grade 12 when I looked at what University I wanted to go to, I first thought of York but then I was told that if I want to learn about the environment or become an environmentalist then I should go to McMaster.
In 2018 I graduated from North Park Secondary School. Later that year I started University at McMaster in Hamilton. I decided to stay on Campus. During long breaks I would come visit my parents and siblings.
My parents knew if they asked me to get married before I was 27 or older than I would get really mad. I finished nursing as well and I needed a break. I gave my parents a vacation to Paris and India to go have a look at our houses back home! While I went to England with my sister and friends.
When the kids grew up they picked there own footsteps. Isha went to IB and Varun went to the AP program. They also picked their career's as well.
We named my daughter Isha and my son Varun.
In 2056 Varun decided to finally get married to a girl he met in school. 1 year later they had a baby boy. In 2057 when Isha was finally done getting her dream job, she got married to a boy she met at University. In 2059 Isha had triplets.
It's time for me to retire now because Isha and Varun's kids are grown enough so we won't need to babysit them. They have a good future and my husband and I will have a good retirement with the strong pension we will get.
We bought a new house in 2081. We lived the best life anyone could have. But I'm not done traveling, next week my husband and I are going to Hawaii for a week and half, after wards we will go to Isha and Varun to visit them.
I love going to Cancer Research facilities to help. This time they decided to have a party to fund raise for Cancer Research. We had got an award for helping the facility. The award was 2 free air tickets to Paris.

Today is my 1ooth Birthday and the kids have a huge Birthday Party planned for me. Isha and Varun have a very good future. As well as my sister and brother too. My sister is close to turning 100!!!
I am so blessed to have a life like this. My parents, siblings,family, friends and everyone have been such a gift for me. I am so thankful to be here today and see myself turn 100 years old.
Me In Kindergarten!
In my basement
The Pic made everyone call me a "DIVA"
In my moms lap
My sister
My brother
North Park
My Parents (2001)
Isha's Babies
My brother
On our way back only 2 of my friends came with me to L.A, USA. Tanveer and Harnoor. The others were to busy with their own plans. L.A was rated in the top 3 cities in USA, I wanted to see what it has to be in the top 3. I love watching the Toronto Maple Leafs games and so I did. While we were staying there we watched the
L.A Kings verse Toronto Maple Leafs.
It was a fantastic game. Harnoor just went shopping. While Tanveer and I screamed and cheered out loud.
Tanveer's Jeresy
My Jeresy
Varun Isha
My house
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