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Should Women Be In The Military?

Can women physically do the same job as a man?

Timothy Marmol

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Should Women Be In The Military?

Disadvantages Roles Equal Abilities Women make up 15% of the military body No special forces or infantry Gender-Norming Women train seperately Not required to do the same workouts as men SHOULD WOMEN BE IN THE MILITARY? TIM MARMOL
JILLIAN SEAMON Women are just as
competant as men
in all aspects
other than physical
strength upper body strength
cardio-vascular stamina Pregnancy Women can request discharge if
pregnant but the commanding officer
decides whether to issue one Aggressive Nature Women are not naturally aggressive
Men are cultured into violence Biological and Social factors Sexual Aspect 1 in 4 women in the military
have been raped or someone
attempted to rape them Hygiene Need for seperate bath houses
Menstrual cycle
CONCLUSION For these reasons we believe
that women should not be in
combat but should be able to
perform every other position
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