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Meagan S

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Analogy



Finding Nemo
The vacuole stores water, nutrients and waste in the cell. i think the vacuole is the fish tank in finding nemo. it also holds the water, nutrients and waste inside it.
plant cell
cell wall
the cell walls main purpose is to protect and support the cell. the glass of the fish tanks main purpose is to protect the fish from harm and holds the water in so they can breath. (supporting the fish)
cell membrane
the ccell membrane chooses what may enter the cell. the dentist in finding nemo chooses what gets put in the tank and what gets taken out.
the ribosomes produce meat for the cell and the fish in finding nemo are the only reason that the tank is there. if it weren't for the fish there wouldn't be a need for the tank and there would be nothing. if it wasn't for the "meat" the cell couldn't survive.
the endoplasmic reticulum are tubes that carry materials through cytoplasm. the filter tubes carry water and bacteria from the tank into the filter.
golgi apparatus
the golgi apparatus stores protein and puts it into packages to be relesed to the cell. fish food stores proten and it is then fead to the fish and nutriens is the given to the fish so they may survive. just like it would to a cell
the mitochondria is the power plant of the cell and provides it with energy. i compared the volcano, that lets off bubbles and moves the water giving it energy to the mitochondria
the chloroplast in the plant cell, produces food for the cell from sunlight, water and co2. when they plug the filter algae is created from sunlight, waste and co2.
the cytoplasm is the watery fluid in the cell that allows the materials to be transported easily throughout the cell. the water in the tank is a fluid that allows the fish to move easily through it so it resembles the cytoplasm.
lysosomes are the "cleaning crew" it breaks down wastes, food and worn out parts. when nemo is put into the tank and everyone finds out he is from the ocean a pacific cleaning shrimp, jacuque is introduced. when the tank gets dirty he is eating the algae. (aka, cleaning!)
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